Using the Best Camera for Your Food Blog

There are no specific rules about how to start and maintain a food blog, but having a consistent identity is a great thing. The most popular blogs on the internet have a unique style and you can immediately recognize them once you see their photos or written content. Trying to use various kinds of images or posts will help you find your strong points to make your blog unique. There are the best underwater camera 2015 available for those other types of blogs.


Invest in a good camera. We typically eat using our eyes first, and so attractive pictures are important for the majority of food blogs. Get a digital camera and learn how to work with it; do not just rely on its automatic settings. Bad photography can be a turn off, and surely you have some pictures on your blog that make you cringe. Watch tutorials on YouTube, read books, do a course and practise always. You also need the best camera for YouTube videos to use for your blog. Figure out how to edit your photos and videos to make them as stunning as possible.


In the world of photography, natural light rules. You cannot find any comparison to the beauty you get with an expert photographer, a great camera, plus the perfect natural light. If no natural light is available, then learn how to make your pictures look fantastic even when using indoor, artificial lighting. Pay attention to your lighting conditions. It all comes down on how you understand the light available to you and the features of your camera as well as the lens you use. While better equipment is ideal, there is no alternative to better understanding.

In addition to lighting, you must always stabilize your camera. If you cannot use a tripod, then put it against a wall, a chair or anything that can support it. The food is not going anywhere, so there is absolutely no reason for the photo to be blurry, as long as your camera is steady. Study the settings of the camera so you can get used to a wider aperture, which provides you shallow range of field.

If you want to include video content in your food blog, you are likely to wonder which video camera to use. Videos are great for story telling. You can capture more with videos than you are able to do with pictures. You can also give your readers the opportunity to join you in your passion, as you show them your favorite meals. YouTube is one of the most popular mediums for sharing your videos to the one billion plus viewers of the site every month. But what is the best camera for YouTube videos? Here are some top choices:

  • Kodak Zi8 – It has a design that is similar to a smartphone rather than a camcorder. It comes with full 1080p HD video, and delivers one step up from its predecessor such as the Zi6.
  • Canon T2i Rebel – It has efficient video functionality, and with a strong set of features, giving you more control over your videos, along with the option to record audio from an outside source.
  • Olympus Stylus TG-3 – It is loaded with useful features, and produces an impressive image quality. Many photographers consider it as the best underwater camera 2015.
  • Nikon D750 – It delivers the best photo and video quality and continuous-shooting functionality in its class, plus a well-rounded set of features.

You do not need a lot of equipment to capture food images and shoot videos. The best camera for YouTube videos can make your task easier and provide you with an amazing result. Given that not all manufacturers are the same, it is best to read the manual of the camera.


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